Willem turns 15!



Prom 2018

I can’t believe my daughter is graduating from high school this year! She looked absolutely stunning in her red prom dress.IMG_0752ewIMG_0762ewIMG_0765ewIMG_0769ew

Hannah turns 18!!

Wow, I can’t believe it! Where did my baby go? My hard-working, incredibly bright, talented and beautiful daughter Hannah turns 18 today! This is just the beginning of an exciting year for her as she heads off to university this fall. We are so very proud of her. The red barn in Stittsville provided a great backdrop for the pictures.IMG_0428eIMG_0432eIMG_0438eIMG_0443eIMG_0460e

Elliot Turns 6 Months!

It was so hard losing such a wonderful dog Finnegan so suddenly. Elliot has been a great addition to our family. It is hard, however, getting used to having a puppy again! Hopefully soon we can start trusting this little rascal not to tear up the house when we are gone. I just love his freckles!

Winterlude 2018

I am a little late posting my Winterlude photos. Weather-wise we had a gorgeous day however warm days mean bad ice for skating. We skated through slush for 1km but finally had to give up. IMG_0351eIMG_0358eIMG_0366eIMG_0369e

Meet Elliot!

We didn’t last long without a furry family member. We adopted another Cocker Spaniel which we named Elliot. It’s been 20 years since we’ve had a puppy and we forgot how sharp their teeth were and how hard they bite! Good thing he’s adorable!!IMG_0521A7EECDE3-BD1A-4F96-A46D-7E4D4B8FCB2FIMG_0122e

Finnegan 2007-2017

Our poor little cocker spaniel Finnegan died suddenly last Friday. I’m still in shock as he was seemingly very healthy but contracted Leptospirosis and went downhill in 3 days fast. He was such a huge part of our family. He was the sweetest snuggle bug and our house is deathly quiet without him.

Prom 1957



My daughter is graduating from high school this year, sniff sniff. After my mother died I took possession of her prom dress that she wore in 1957. I thought it would be a fitting tribute and a lovely senior photo if I had my daughter model it. Our cocker Finnegan had to get in on the action too.

First Day of School

This will be my daughter’s last first day of school as she enters grade 12 this year. My son is starting “high school” (even though he’s still at the same school as the last 2 years).