Willem turns 14!

My youngest child turned 14 yesterday. Since we have no family around he was lucky that both his aunt and grandmother visited and were able to celebrate with him. IMG_8711ewIMG_8728ewIMG_8730ewIMG_8751ewIMG_8754ewIMG_8757ew

Hannah turns 17!

My beautiful daughter turned 17 in April. I haven’t been posting lately and am a little behind. We found these cool rocks piled up in Stittsville. IMG_8402ew3IMG_8414e2IMG_8423ewIMG_8428ewIMG_8434e2w

Atlantic City

I’ve been pretty lax in journaling lately. This past July my kids competed at a nationals dance competition in Atlantic City called The One. We began our summer vacation there before we headed to NYC.


Dance 4 Wishes

My kids’ dance studio Pointe of Grace performed two showcases back-to-back to raise money for Tysen’s Mission to a Million with the Make a Wish Foundation. I was fortunate enough to take pictures of all the routines to share with the other parents. Here are a few.IMG_6977ewIMG_6897ewIMG_6639ewIMG_6628ewIMG_6218ewIMG_6183ewIMG_6163ewIMG_6146ewIMG_5980ewIMG_5911ewIMG_5521ewIMG_5512ewIMG_6577ew2

My New Teenager

My little boy is not so little anymore, he turned 13 today! Since he’s a competitive hip hop dancer I decided to go with that vibe for his birthday portraits. I found an abandoned/burnt out building here in Stittsville  that has some graffiti and took some shots.IMG_5336ew2IMG_5361ew2cIMG_5373ew2cIMG_5377ew2cIMG_5393ew2

Sweet 16: Hannah

IMG_5248eIMG_5249eIMG_5255eIMG_5278e2IMG_5283e2IMG_5292e2I got a “new-to-me” Canon 24-70 f2.8 a few months ago and had yet to really try it out. My little girl is turning 16 which proved to be a great opportunity to try it out. We found some old suitcases at my in-laws and I got a great idea as we have a little fake train station here in Stittsville. Here’s what I came up with….