I’m having a hard time turning off the media coverage. I need to know every detail rather than moving on with my day. I am finding it hard to call this shooting in Ottawa as a terrorist attack. Saying that, means they win. I am hoping it was just some deranged lunatic without any outside prompting. My husband works 1 block away from Parliament Hill in Ottawa. He was in lockdown and could see the police outside his window with their guns drawn, how eery. I feared he would be stuck at work for the night. My children’s schools were in Secure Mode, whereas they were locked in for the day. My son wasn’t at his regular school and was at one 25 km away. That worried me as I was unsure if the kids would be released at bell time and sent home. Thankfully, the kids were released at day’s end and sent home. Ottawa is a peaceful city and Canada is a peaceful country. The government opposition parties are opposing joining the US led air strikes. This shooting is huge news as even Anderson Cooper booted it up here so fast. It was a threat to our National Security. I had the same angst during the hunt in Moncton for the RCMP killer. That also occured in my backyard as I’m from New Brunswick. It happened in the neighbourhood next to where my sister used to live and where my friend’s mom still lives. I was glued to the tv for days. I’m not sure if I even managed to make supper. I want it to return to the peacefulness we know here in Ottawa. Lock the front door of the Centre Block and let’s move on with our lives. Rest in Peace Cpl Nathan Cirillo.


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